Info on Hail Damage to Asphalt Shingles from Your Grand Rapids Roofer, Sherriff-Goslin

While hail isn’t all that common, when it does come, hail can do quick and extensive damage to property – including damage done to an asphalt shingle roof. Since the roof protects the home from the elements, any reduction in the roof’s ability to protect creates a vulnerability. Sometimes there are issues surrounding hail damage that cause confusion in estimating roof replacement. Knowing a few basic things about how hail damage occurs can help homeowners to have a more informed position when dealing with insurance companies and Grand Rapids roofers.

When a hail storm occurs, it doesn’t automatically signal roof damage. In most cases it takes larger sized hail to cause roof damage unless the shingles are already exceptionally weak. Hail around 3/4” in diameter would be on the smaller end of consideration for damages while golf ball sized hail can easily create some level of damage. One of the most important factors other than size is trajectory. The sharper the angle at which hail hits the roof, the less likely it is to damage the shingles. This result can be affected by the pitch of the roof, the angle of the hail and how the wind drives the hail. A direct hit straight on is the most damaging way for hail to strike.

One of the difficult things about hail damage is that it doesn’t always show up right away. When hail hits it does the most damage to the weaker areas of a shingle such as the ends, corners, and any place where the shingle is blistered or cupped. It may be that the shingle is only weakened at the time of the storm and it may take weeks or months for the damaged portions to separate and fall off enough to reveal the damages. Therefore, it’s good to inspect your roof periodically. Even if you don’t notice damages right away, there could be problems later with leaking, wind lift, or broken seals that began at the time of the hail.

Sherriff-Goslin has more than 100 years of experience in residential roof repair and installation, including assessment of hail damage. We work with homeowners and insurance companies to provide professional roof inspections. Since there are certain criteria with which insurance companies evaluate to determine compensation for hail damages, a Sherriff-Goslin roof inspection professional can be a valuable partner in working with your insurance company to properly evaluate the damages and make recommendations for both repairs and compensation.