Sherriff-Goslin, Your Grand Rapids Roofing Contractor, Discusses Complete Roofing Systems

While shingle style and color are important when choosing a roof – there is nothing more important than working with a Grand Rapids roofing contractor, like Sherriff-Goslin, that will install a complete roofing system. So, what is a complete roofing system? It’s a system that is made up of four main parts – starter strip, underlayment, hip and ridge, and shingles with each of these performing a crucial function (but that’s not all). In this post, we will discuss the importance of making sure your roofing system is made up of these components.

Why is a complete roofing system necessary?

As mentioned above, having each of the four components does not mean that you have a complete roofing system.  A complete roofing system means that all four components are produced by a single  manufacturer and are meant to be used together. When a roofer installs roofing materials that are not necessarily meant to be used together, they are more than likely voiding warranties. One of the main reasons for having a complete roofing system is the extended warranty that is typically offered by the manufacturer.

If you do not use a single manufacturer (a complete roofing system), you should be concerned about product reliability. When you find a shingle manufacturer that you like, it is important to use their products throughout the entire roofing system. It really isn’t worth it to purchase shingles by a reputable manufacturer if you are using off-brand underlayment that is more likely to bubble up and cause leaks and other roof issues.

If you want to be sure you are getting a complete roofing system with your new roof installation, do not hesitate to contact your Grand Rapids roofing contractor, Sherriff-Goslin today. We look forward to working with you!